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Students & Young Professionals: Ready to Embark

Your professional future is on the short-term horizon. You may be overwhelmed and bewildered by the idea of making a monumental career choice and need help in the transition from student to professional to help mitigate professional culture shock. You may not be sure how to package or position your experience and education. Or perhaps are simply overwhelmed by the idea of job searching or are simply unsure which path might be right for you. A career strategist can help you:

  • Pinpoint and set specific goals

  • Identify your skills and abilities

  • Create your professional brand/value

  • Polish your professional documents

  • Leverage social media

  • Learn effective networking

  • Discover creative job searching skills

  • Practice interviewing techniques

  • Make a remarkable first impression

  • Understand negotiating strategies

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Women Re-entering Workforce: Ready to Return

You may be seeking some new, fresh challenges or looking for a traditional job after having been self-employed for some time.  Or have been busy with a full time position called motherhood the last few years. Either way, you haven't dusted off that resume in a long time and barely have any LinkedIn connections. You may need help packaging and presenting yourself in a way that showcases value and experience and helps tell your story, with a twist in the career plot. A career strategist can help you:

  • Build on your transferable skills and create a professional brand and value

  • Craft and polish your resume

  • Create a professional online presence

  • Practice high-impact interviewing skills

  • Train you on entering a new industry, without prior experience

  • Conduct an effective job search

  • Learn new networking strategies

  • Create effective communication strategies

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Active Military & Veterans: Post-Military Careers

Transitioning out of active duty and into the private sector can be a confusing, overwhelming time. How does your military background, your skills and and achievements translate into new civilian opportunities? A career strategist can help you:

  • Translate your military CV into a concise, US format designed to help secure a variety of roles that leverage your background and talents. 

  • Present your skills in industry-specific acumen

  • Create an online professional presence 

  • Develop a unique value statement

  • Conduct an effective job search

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