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“You have to cross many bridges and you have to walk many paths in your life! But what is more important than this is to know which bridges you should not cross and which paths you must not walk!” 
― Mehmet Muratildan


Hiring managers spend an average of six seconds on each resume, and 80% of that time on a small portion of your document. Resumes should be clear and factual but still concise and compelling enough to: engage, inform and persuade employers.
LinkedIn builds on your resume, adds in your present skills, wide network of connections, uncovers new work opportunities and gives you an online presence - a must-have in today's workscape.
The cornerstone of branding is offering something of unique value and convincing buyers that they need it.  Identify your exceptional combination of talents, training, education, strengths, work style and approach. Then package it into a series of smart communication strategies that sell.  
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This service is designed to offer a flexible, fluid platform to reassess where you are, where you want to be and to navigate your next few steps. It's the process at large, broken down into smaller steps designed to move you ahead at a pace that keeps you whelmed, not overwhelmed. Sometimes all you need is a little nudging, clear direction and inspiration.

Between 60% and 80% percent of jobs are found through networking, according to industry statistics. Additionally, 80% of jobs are not posted online and over 70% of companies use applicant tracking systems (see robots) to manage the front-end of their hiring processes. An effective job search strategy today includes a combination of old school search methods and new school social networking.
You'll Cross That Bridge When You Come To It. You've Arrived. Mock Interviews, interview prep, negotiation tactics. Let's go.
You got this. You just need a clear road map to help you get there.  DIY a la carte templates and packages available.
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Resume, cover letter, and other marketing documents, full payment due prior to first draft delivery. 

Coaching is intended to provide a toolkit and does not guarantee the outcome of job satisfaction, job obtainment, or terms of agreement between existing or prospective Client and Employer.

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