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Resumes & Career Content  


 Includes a review of your existing resume and a 30-minute feedback/consult call

Cost: Complimentary


Includes 30-60 minute deep-dive meeting to ascertain objectives, skill set and training. A resume will be constructed (or refreshed from an existing one) with a focus on ATS-optimization, key accomplishments and skills. Includes up to two edits and all follow-up communication. Fee structure:

New Professionals (0-2 years experience): $175

Mid-Career (3-10 years experience): $225

Executive-level resumes (10 - 15 years and/or Associate Director to VP level): $275 

Senior Executive (15+ years - Senior VP and above, C-level): $300

Optional: Add a Personalized Video Review for $10 (includes 5-minute visually guided video taking you  through setup, edits and enhancements made  to your resume).

*Future Resume Edits: $50 - $75 flat fee, depending on extent of edits.



Cover letters are often the first touchpoint in communication and the very tool that will keep employers engaged and learning more about your qualifications- and your individuality. This service includes a powerful, highly tailored letter to your potential employer comprising your value proposition.

Cost: $50


LinkedIn is the single most-important business social networking tool at your disposal. It not only portrays your digital brand but is a prime way to establish and leverage network connections and job opportunities. Service includes full development of your digital profile.

Cost: $80

* Resumes and other deliverables have a 5 business-day turnaround. An expedited fee of $50 will be charged for rush jobs (within 48 hours).

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Please Regard: All coaching services are intended to provide a toolkit and do not guarantee the outcome of job satisfaction, job obtainment or terms of an agreement between Client and their existing or future Employer. SRLINX prides itself in delivering high-quality work and closely collaborating with Clients during the editing process, however, Client is solely responsible for presentation and accuracy of final content to an Employer. 
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