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 Includes a review of your existing resume and a 30-minute feedback/consult call

Cost: Complimentary


 Includes 30-60 minute deep-dive meeting to ascertain objectives, skill set and training. A resume will be constructed (or refreshed from an existing one) with a focus on ATS-optimization, key accomplishments and skills. Includes up to two edits and all follow-up communication.

New Professionals (0-2 years experience): $150

Mid-Career (3-15 years experience): $175

Executive-level resumes: $250 

*Future Resume Edits: $50 flat fee



Cover letters are often the first touchpoint in communication and the very tool that will keep employers engaged and learning more about your qualifications- and your individuality. This service includes a powerful, highly tailored letter to your potential employer comprising your value proposition.

Cost: $45


LinkedIn is the single most-important business social networking tool at your disposal. It not only portrays your digital brand but is a prime way to establish and leverage network connections and job opportunities. Service includes full development of your digital profile.

Cost: $80

* Resumes and Cover letters have a 3-5 days turnaround. An expedited fee of $40 will be charged for rush jobs.

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Please Regard: All coaching services are intended to provide a toolkit and do not guarantee the outcome of job satisfaction, job obtainment or terms of an agreement between Client and their existing or future Employer.